Successfully together

Successfully together



We will focus on completed construction, fabricating the mechanical components, machining, surface treatment of aluminum alloys. We are present in different industry fields, especially in medical, pharmacy and optic.


We are focusing on trading of different products that meet demands of customers especially in medical department. We have experiences and a lot of knowhow which we can provide to the customers through seminars or personal consulting.


The new insect poison extraction tool, the Unstinger™ is an easy and painless way to avoid the discomfort, which follows from bites and stings by bees, wasps, hornets and even snakes and scorpions! The Unstinger™ is a reusable one-hand operated vacuum pump, which easily and painlessly extracts poison and venom from a sting or bite.

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"Our goal is to become well known company on a field of sales and implementation of services. We are focused on constant growth and better sales results. We always expect the goals to be realistic and measurable. Their ongoing monitoring and evaluation will form the basis of ongoing measures, which should always be directed only to look forward and upward.."

Vision of AB Engineering d.o.o. is to become the leader in selling products which employees trust and believe in. This understanding will bring good sales results and success of the company.


Our strategy

We will meet the demands of our customers with the knowledge, experience and know how that we have. We will upgrade that hand in hand with our loyal customers. That is challenge which opens new sales possibilities. Listening carefully to the customers can bring interesting ideas which leads to growth that we wish and tend to.


which are always planed realistically and tend to maintain company existence and growth on a long term. Employees are focused to be better in finding out the needs of target customers and do the best to meet and fulfill their demands.


is loyal and our mission is that customers stay with us on a long term. We will achieve that with constant growth of our knowledge we will satisfy customers needs. Our goal is that the voice of quality, good work, satisfaction, promptness, is marketing tool which is the honest. Customers follow that voice.


The most important is good communication in a company and dealing with the problems immediately when they occur. Thinking and working in this direction will build firm foundation of a company. That is basic for long term growth and success of a company as well as high personal satisfaction of employees. That can bring their growth and higher loyalty to the company.

Goal of our company is to develop and take good care of customers and their satisfaction.


AB Engineering d.o.o.
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